Friday, October 22, 2010

On May 16, 2010 Colin B. Foote was killed when a drug addicted, habitual traffic offender ran a red light and broadsided him as he crossed an intersection on a “green Light” only ¼ mile from his home. Had available, self-funding traffic safety technology been installed, it is likely that Colin would be alive today. Unfortunately, this particular 4-way intersection, like far too many in our state, can become “Killing Zones” when drivers ignore the yellow-to-red signal or deliberately speed up to “beat the light”. In 2009 alone, nearly 1 in 4 Rhode Island traffic fatalities were intersection related.
It is startling to know that motor vehicle fatalities are the leading cause of death for people between 15 and 44 years of age. In 2007, approximately 2.4 million intersection-related crashes occurred, representing 40% of all reported crashes and a 21.5 % of all traffic fatalities. Intersections represent a disproportionate share of the traffic safety issue and are a national, state, and local priority.
Mission Statement
Our objective is very simple - our goal is to save lives and protect communities through improved traffic safety. Our means to achieve this goal is by researching and disseminating information about existing and emerging technology for intersections that can improve driver behavior and reduce injury and deaths. Of all the categories of traffic accidents, intersection collisions account for nearly 1/4 of all fatalities. A primary focus of our organization is to provide education and information about the installation and use of state-of-the-art intersection safety technology including red light safety cameras. We are advocating for the use of this life-saving, self-funding technology in cities and towns throughout the state. We are bringing together policymakers, community leaders and concerned citizens to inform and educate them about this technology and the benefits it will provide to everyone that travels our roads.
What We Do
We are acting as a clearinghouse for information about the impact of intersection cameras on safe driving. In addition, we are coordinating support for cameras across the state and advocating for the interests of red light safety cameras before legislative and administrative bodies at the state and local levels.
ColinsLaw.Org Works with Experts - Traffic experts, engineers, law enforcement officials and others — to research and analyze the effect of red light safety cameras on driver behavior so we can report on the benefits of the technology. We also engage in awareness and education promotions that help inform the public of the benefits of red light safety cameras. These stories demonstrate the impact of unsafe driving, attaching real faces of real victims to the research results.
ColinsLaw.Org is a State-Wide Organization - We were established to advance the cause of road and traffic safety and to support road safety technology. Our members and supporters include those who represent concerned citizens, the traffic safety industry, safety organizations, and individuals who are active in advocating for safer roads through the use of technology.
We're Non-Profit
Our singular focus is on “making our roads safer for everyones' family and loved ones” through research, education and advocacy of installation of road intersection safety technology including red-light cameras. As a new organization, we exist through tax-deductible contributions and gifts from individuals, private and public organizations. Because of our limited funding at this stage, we are focused primarily on one specific objective that, if acted upon now by the public, can begin to save lives and reduce serious injury immediately.
We are registered with the office of the Secretary of State of Rhode Island and are qualified to operate in Rhode Island. ColinsLaw.Org, Inc. is in the process of filing an application for recognition of exemption with the Internal Revenue Service and it has been issued an IRS tax ID number pending final classification as a Section 501(c)(3) organization.